Magiko 5000 €139

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The advantages of the Magnetic water softener

– For every type of house
– Easy to install
– Carefree try
– Limescale reduction up to 85%
– Free delivery
– No maintenance costs
– Optimal results in 6 to 8 weeks
– Longer lifespan of appliances
– Reduced energy use
– Dimensions: L: 8cm W: 10cm D 8cm ( see third product photo)
– 8 cm of pipe is needed

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In this way it is possible to purchase the magnetic water softener separately.



The Magiko 5000 is currently tested as the most powerful magnetic water softener. This water softener ensures that the lime particles in the water are separated into the loose minerals calcium and magnesium. Because these loose minerals are separated, there is no lime and therefore no lime scale. It is important that this is separated, but it does require a very powerful magnet such as the Magiko 5000 with 2932.2 Gauss. Order the Magiko 5000 directly and enjoy softened water just like many Dutch people.

Available from stock, delivered within two working days!

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